Red Panda Punch

Red Panda’s are my husbands favorite animal and this punch can be alcoholic or non alcoholic depending on if you are over the age of 21(in the U.S.). My husband has stories of his childhood with plastic tiki cup and fruitie toppers. I’m looking forward to coloring this one since it’ll be one of the more colorful pieces I’ve done. 

Meerkat tunes 

This meerkat plays the violin 

(yes violins are usually played on the other side. No I’m not moving it. Sometimes people play it on the other side. Okay not often. Nope not fixing it).

So, I was playing a game where I’d ask one person for an animal and another for an activity. 


Ahhhhh, it’s Monday, puffer fish puff. 

I went to confusion, in novi Michigan, this weekend. While I listen and enjoy panels I like to sketch. I went to a panel by Mark does Stuff (which is hillarious) and found out there truly is something for everything you can think of on the Internet. I drew the pic above.