Owlie Pop – Snarky Edition

So, the artist is busy working on some new things and begged for me to post some content for her…. well, beware what you asked for I guess:

In all honesty, let us know what you think. You want more snarky editions of her coloring? Am I too mean? You can hear the screams of tortured markers in the background? Drop us a line and let us know.

Sneak peak pronoun badges @the_joshiah @roosles @FurSquared

I promised everyone a new badge style earlier this week and while they aren’t done done I have some sketches. I’m only going to take a small number of these commissions for pick up at F2 so DM me if you want one at $35. These will be full color badges and they clip onto your standard 3″ across con badge blank. I tested them on F2’s, Mcfc’s, Anthrohio’s, Anthrocon’s, and MFF’s

So hopefully you enjoy the rough sketches. I should be posting full color versions on Monday and I plan to attach them to a con badge to show You how that works out.

As you can see there is room for 3 pronouns and so long as they aren’t swear words I will put whatever three you want.

I can black them for an extra $5. If you want them shipped it’ll be $5.