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Wishing I had more time.

I find myself wishing I was putting pencil to pad all the time. I draw on my breaks, during my lunch, when I get home before my honey.

I decided I’m going to start taking commissions soon but I have to spend some time setting that up.


Practice makes perfect

We all know the saying. It’s mostly right. Which means sitting down with your art everyday. Most of the week I work in colored pencils but once a week I work on the iPad to throw my hat into the derby. has a contest every week for T-shirt designs. It gives me a goal, a time frame, and a topic of someone else’s choosing.

Not always my best work but always good practice.

Multi Media Art

I used to really hate leaving a negative space to show light reflections on my pencil art. The white color pencil exists but, let’s face it, it won’t color over another color. Then I watched some videos of people drawing in 3d and noticed that they were using paint pens. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it but now my art has left the flat behind. It’s still a long way from 3d but it’s come a long way.


First commission

I finished my first commission today. I’m super nervous that he’s going to like it. I meet up with him Friday. Wish me luck.

On a side note I’ve been working on a side project today. I can’t talk much about it but the logo’s are proving hard. The simplicity you need so that it’s legible is difficult while still making concept clear. Wish me luck.

Business cards

This whole own business thing is complex. Today I was working on business cards. With an art business you need to include a sample. Eventually I’ll have two or three cards but this is the one I did today.