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Xmas opossum ready for cards #art

I’m prepping for applying to an art fair in November and figured a small verity of xmas cards. This guy is a nice nutral happy holiday. Or festimas for the rest of us card. 

This is done with Copic markers, liners, and paints. You can’t see the glitter copic pen in this pic but it’s there in the snow. Kind of feel odd about using the glitter since I know the shiney comes from bits of glass. Don’t let your kids use this pen. Chewers beware. Luckily once my business manager scans it the pic will be safe for general use. 

Dessertimals – Rabbit Split

I am not sure that an ice cream split is the natural habitat of a rabbit, but he certainly seems to be enjoying it. Not sure he is going to manage the last scoop, let alone the banana, at this rate. That is a real shame since we know that a banana split is health food as long as you finish the fruit.



Dessertimals – Shaved Ice

Fun fact: Doctors do not know the root cause of an ice cream headache… but we all know it happens eating super tasty cold things too fast.

So you might want to slow down eating that tasty treat…. though I am not sure anyone really wants shaved ice soup.

This was one of the rare gems that came out right the first time. Copic Markers and liners were used to ake this cutie. Enjoy šŸ™‚