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McSloth #BackToTheFuture #furryart

Back to the future was the highest grossing film of 1985 and I was 8 years old. I don’t remember seeing it in theatres but I know I saw it on my own small tv on a tv stand that is smaller than most serving trays. The same tv once nearly sent my brother to the er. I never wanted a Hoover board (after watching my dare devil older cousins repeatedly break bones). No I wanted the car with it’s suicide doors and its inaccurate time traveling abilities. It was possibly the first time anyone told me yeah now sucks but the future will be better. There will still be bullies but you’ll beat them at their own game. McSloth your gonna rock.

It’s a tad sloppy but it was a quickie on my sketch paper. It’s copic markers fire – y00, 04, 06, 15, 17, 19, yr14, 16, 18. Letters – y15, 17, 19, yr 14, 16, 18. Vest – yr14, 16, 18. Shirt b00, 04. Jean – b23, 24, 26. Shoes – w00, 01, blender. Sloth e15, 37, 30, 31, 34, w00, 0, 01, 03. For those counting that’s 23 markers for a piece less than 5×7″

Back to the future influenced so many of us kids from the 80’s or 70’s (clears throat) and even though you’re no longer part of our future you’ll always have a special place in our past.

Foxing bourbonĀ 

I realized I was missing a few key animals like a fox with one tail. Cause you know fox frequently have three tails or more. This guy is riding a bourbon glass like he’s on a fox hunt chasing a buzz. 

I hope the coloring comes off right when I put all the oranges and reds in. 

Corgi Coal Urchant #steampunk #art #furry

The thing that usually gets me about steampunk is that most of the time they don’t explain where the steam is coming from. There are few clean… Ish sources of steam. If they’re using coal the process of creating the steam also creates soot. Icky icky soot. Kids were frequently used in the mining and shoveling of the coal. They were actually called coal rakers but the term isn’t widely known. This guy is my corgi coal urchant.