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Wrote a kids book

so, I put my back out this weekend and suddenly had a, forced to lay in bed, free day. So because I had some time I wrote a kids book. Here’s one of the sketches of little goldfish. 

Lots of work needs to be done with these illustrations. 

Friday sketch dump 

What if bullfighting was bulls fighting? 

day of the dead roughs

I had some sketches and figured since they were all a bit rough I’d give you a few this Friday post. 

There isn’t anything particularly technique wise or product to talk about with these. You could do this work with a #2 pencil and some blank paper. I always carry a mechanical pencil (ok I do buy special soft lead for it), sketch paper, and an eraser with me. I’ve been known to sketch over diner, in the car, basically anywhere I go. This way, when I need to squeeze a second of work in, I can. 

I guess the lesson with random sketches say is that all my stuff starts with sketches. It’s the bones of everything I do. These may go no further than sketches. Maybe, eventually, I’ll revisit these and decide they are good or maybe just the idea was good but I wasn’t good enough yet. I’ve revisited many ideas I wasn’t good enough to draw and turned the. Into fun pieces. It’s all practice and determination. 

(I think I may be watching to much pokemon since this sounds a bit voice over moral ;)) 

Sad sloth 

I drew this on the way to anthrocon 2015 as part of an emotions exersize. 

Sad sloth lost her tree. Some bastard cut the thing down. 

It’s done in copic marker and feel I really nailed sadness. Other emotions still allude me.