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Xmas opossum ready for cards #art

I’m prepping for applying to an art fair in November and figured a small verity of xmas cards. This guy is a nice nutral happy holiday. Or festimas for the rest of us card. 

This is done with Copic markers, liners, and paints. You can’t see the glitter copic pen in this pic but it’s there in the snow. Kind of feel odd about using the glitter since I know the shiney comes from bits of glass. Don’t let your kids use this pen. Chewers beware. Luckily once my business manager scans it the pic will be safe for general use. 

Couch sloth @IndyFurCon

Couch sloth is on the edge of his seat for IndyFurCon. Commission badges now for drop off at IFC. 


This is Copic markers and liners and about 30 minutes time for the coloring. About another 30 for the original sketch. 

I always have a bit a fan issue with lighting from the bottom. I think I might do a series where I mimic things from scary movies. See if I can nail the lighting difficulties that come with lighting from the bottom like a tv. 

Update poinsettia kitty

this is my work in progress piece. It’s taking forever because poinsettia are apparently annoyingly time consuming. 
This is prismacolor pencils specifically red 925, 195, 924 and cool grey (most of them).

When I finish the flowers then I shall start with the leaves. I figure update monday should be a tradition for at least another week, maybe two. 

Kitty in a forest of poinsettia #art

I’ve started working on xmas pics for sale and xmas cards. I’m super happy with this one so far. It’s gonna take forever to color but every moment I’ve been coloring has been happy and not the least bit frustrated. 

I’m working with prismacolor pencils. So far 925, 195, 924, 1067, 1063, 1065, 1059. @buried_in_books bought me a new pencil sharpener and I love it. It’s an Utrecht automatic precision sharpener. Don’t let that automatic word fool you, you still have to do the pencil turning yourself.