Sexy slow loris part two

So you saw the sketch and the ink. Now you get to see the full color version. It took me a bit to decide the colors. I wanted everything to match but I like to keep my backgrounds fuzzy. So, without further ado…


Sorry if that loaded sideways. It’s determined to be in the wrong direction.

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I’m working on a sexy slow loris

I really like to draw pictures of odd animals. Things that you don’t see a lot of. So i had this very rough sketch started that didn’t have any personality yet. So I revisited the rough and started laying a character on it. It’s not done yet but here are some roughs.



A little more time

Yesterday I showed you a pencil sketch. There were a lot if extra lines and things weren’t corrected so proportions weren’t perfect. I put another hr into it and got the line art done and the pencil erased.

This is love art for the elephant and mouse get married.