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Pieces of pieces #art #death

sometimes the time consuming part of the art isn’t the subject. That’s definitely the case of the piece I’ve spent a good portion of thursday on.

As you can see the piles of skulls and bones have a depth that comes from two main color families with accompanying color palates. Each base color has two depth colors to add highlights and shadows and make each item pop. 

Copic markers are made for this and really blend well with each addition. 

6-2-1 rule #art

these kitties are practicing the 6-2-1 rule that any good con goer should follow. For those that don’t know that’s 6hrs sleep, 2 meals, 1 shower. Btw, these are minimums and may be exceeded. 🙂 

 Happy labor day everyone. I’ll be celebrating by going to work and well that’s so not a good way to celebrate except, you know, money. 

On the subject of money. Please visit and search quack quack honk. 

Christmas kitty #art

This piece is pretty large for me. It’s on a 14×11″ piece of vellum paper that started out white. Each petal was colored in, individually, with 3 red color pencils and 3 cool grey pencils. I use prismacolor pencils. The flowers took me nearly a month and the the cat took me only a few hrs lol. It will be on Christmas cards this year and I look forward to knowing my art is bringing holiday cheer.

cat copy

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hear from someone how poinsettia are poisonous to kitties but I think this guys safe. 😉 don’t you.