Derby time

I would love to have several pics done everyday but unfortunately I still have a day job and this pesky need to sleep. So just the derby today.


No original art today because today is clean all this crap up day. Which turns into all this needs to get put into bks day. Eventually those bks will be prints for cheap sales at tables at cons but for now they’re I like these and I like these better. This also meant I had to scan them and put things up on deviant art under quack_quack_honk. If you visit you could buy prints. They seem to run lots of deals.

That was a lot of babble about business. Not my most interesting topic but sometimes that happens.

Pose pose pose

So, you can draw anything you want. People don’t have to obey gravity or move correctly. They can bend in odd ways. But if you do that why? Why does the creature bend that way? Is it natural, magical, or are you just F’ing with things. If you are just F’ing with things is it worth it? So my pose is different today. No matter how much I loved that pose it didn’t work for a derby girl. It’s not colored yet but here’s the ink.



From time to time you’ll spend energy on a project just to completely and absolutely fail at it. Is ok, after all, we learn more from our mistakes then our successes right?

Today I used bad source material for a drawing and as a result the legs and arms are to bloody long. I was so happy with the idea that I completely failed to notice until it was already inked and half freaking colored.

So, here’s the freaking derby spider panda. I’ll try again soon and see if I can’t rock the derby panda.


Sexy slow loris part two

So you saw the sketch and the ink. Now you get to see the full color version. It took me a bit to decide the colors. I wanted everything to match but I like to keep my backgrounds fuzzy. So, without further ado…


Sorry if that loaded sideways. It’s determined to be in the wrong direction.

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