What is a commission?

A commission is a custom artwork you hire me to make just for you!

What do I get out of it?

You get a spot in your production cycle all your own. We will complete a sketch or two and get your OK before moving on to a final coloring process.

At the end of the process you end up with the original hand-drawn piece of art featuring your unique concept. In many cases you can also order prints at a discounted rate if desired as well. The best part is we produce art in standard sizes ready for off-the-shelf frames!

All matted art with certificate of authenticity.

(Artist reserves all rights, unless negotiated as part of the commission)

What should I commission?

Don’t see your favorite animal represented?
The coloration on that dog is not quite the same as your favorite pet?
Need something that more closely complements your existing decor?
Want to get someone a unique gift?
These are all great reasons to get a commission!

How much does a commission Cost?

Well, since we are talking about a unique piece of art, prices are also somewhat unique to each piece. The following are general guidelines, final prices will be set before any work begins.

Factors that influence price:

  • Medium (What it is drawn in)
  • Size of the final art
  • Number of subjects in a piece
  • Complicated items/backgrounds

The starting prices below are based on one character and one item. The more complex the piece requested, the more the final piece will cost.

Marker Commissions:

Badge Art (roughly 3″x5″) starting at $40:

A single character, single sided, name optional. Laminated.

5″x7″ (matted to 8″x10″) starting at $60:

A piece this size can contain 1-3 characters or items.

8″x10″ (matted to 11″x14″) Starting at $110:

Art this size can contain a maximum of 5 characters or items.

11″x14″ (matted to 16″x20″) Starting at $220:

A piece this size can contain a maximum 10 characters or items.

Colored Pencil Commissions:

8″x10″ (matted to 11″x14″) Starting at $450

11×14″ (matted to 16″x20″) Starting at $700

These commissions are usually more complicated concepts and figures in higher details. The above example required 60hrs to complete.

Mailing Fees:

Under 8″x10″ $5
Over 8″x10″ $10

How do I get a commission?

Once you know roughly what you want, contact us! You can either message us on twitter (link in the bar to the left) or use the contact us form at the top of the page. Please give a brief description of the commission, the desired medium, and size and we will be happy to work with you to create a quote for your artwork.

Once a price is negotiated and timing agreed upon we will send you an invoice. Once it is paid we can start production of your work in the agreed on time frame.


The artist may choose to accept or turn down any commission proposal for any reason, They do not have to provide a reason, sometimes it is just not something we feel that we could do justice.

A commissioned piece is not an endorsement of the ideas, characters, concepts, or commissioner.

The Artist reserves all rights unless a agreement to the contrary is formally discussed and agreed upon. This means that the art is not free to reproduce, repackage, or reuse for other mediums such as, but not limited to, website artwork, promotional fliers, etc.