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Viva @furreality 

This pup is a sketch I did in prep for @furreality  spider webs and flowers are a common theme in sugar skulls so I frequently incorporate them in my sugar skull sketches. 

There’s still time to commission a badge for delivery at @furreality. Most my badges are full color copic. 

Getting his drink on

someone online was mentioning drunk badges and I got a hankrin to doodle up a drunk skunk. It’s a rough but fun little sketch. 

I like using the strathmore sketch books. This paper is from the 400 series with a fine tooth surface. For those not buying reems of paper the tooth determines how much pencil the paper will hold. 

Get on your groove thing #art #furaffinity 

Spend all your furtime getting your groove on at the dance? Need a busy badge that really shows you love music? Get your groove thing on with a stylish music badge. Just e-mail me 

This is just a quick sketch. I prefer to do full color badges because they really pop. Hope to hear from you soon. Still taking commissions for @furrealitycon 

Drawing steampunk birdies #motorcityfurcon2016

these guys will be part of a larger piece eventually (where’s my darn protractor? I need circles dammit). they’re a pair of steampunk lovebirds and they’ll be back to back in front of a Zeppelin or set or gears or … Something steampunk related. 

This guy is almost finished but started life as   

He’s not quite a circle, a cilander, and a jelly bean but you can probably see those now that I’ve said it. 

(btw it occurred to me that all @alkali_bismuth needs to be steampunk is a few artfully places gears) 

And all lovebirds need a mate so here’s another lovebird who just happens to be a girl but didn’t have to be. 

More of these birds will happen later cause I think they are cute.