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Prince Ali

Getting badges done for Indy fur con 2014. Still time for commissions. Get yours in now.


Sorry this is late. I have food poisoning and I’m not feeling to well. Yay end of vacation gift.

I’m working on a sexy slow loris

I really like to draw pictures of odd animals. Things that you don’t see a lot of. So i had this very rough sketch started that didn’t have any personality yet. So I revisited the rough and started laying a character on it. It’s not done yet but here are some roughs.



Quick sketch

So I had about 15 min free time and I played with sketching. Here it is. I do plan on doing more later but I’m exhausted from cleaning the house.


Interacting subjects

It was pointed out to me that I rarely draw two characters interacting. So I’ve started working on that.


Note: I’m accepting commissions now. Please think of me for your badge needs. P