Sketching all the live long day.

So I don’t much feel like sharing the sketches I did today and being that I’m the artist that means I don’t have to… Right? Well, needless to say you’ll see them soon as they’re colored. They’ll be part of a give away I’ll have to all my loyal twitter followers at Indy. Well, provided I get off my duff and get them done and printed.

Okay, so I lied and after doing some work I felt like posting after all. Not finished work.


Sick days

Sick days are wonderful for my drawing. I drew three pics for an upcoming convention. I got one fully colored. I don’t have the final pic here but I’m posting several of the steps in the middle.




It’s Derby time

So it’s Friday again which means that I attempt to put a derby shirt out and see what happens.

So that is what I managed to put out there. Wish me luck. 🙂