Meaning is In the eye of the beholder.

IMG_0010< I found a drawing prompt online that said to draw a soccer mom gone nuts. I drew the picture attached to this post. When I showed a coworker instead of seeing a woman pushed to far she saw a woman ready to protect her kids from some unseen danger. You may experience this time and again. It doesn't mean you've done a bad job conveying your idea (although you might wanna think about it if no one gets it) just that you don't share a common background. Be prepared to accept their vision and equally valid as yours. You don't want to keep someone from buying your art because they see it differently then you do.

Bunny with sloth doll

This is a practice badge I did myself. The bunny is the playful, omg there is so much fun giggle, side of me that comes to life at fur cons. The sloth is the day to day me that wants the stupid to go away and let me sleep.

I did this one with the crayola pencils. I like how vivid the colors are but they can be limiting and are so so on the blending.


Business cards have arrived

The business cards from arrived 4 days early and I’m super impressed. The designs came out really nice. I must give the webmaster props for finding them. Probably better he handled it.

So you may have seen a lot of posts today. We had issues posting so I’m making up for it by posting all weekend. Yay.