Convention materials: Scanner

Now, I wont say this is an essential… obviously not since I don’t see most people carrying it. However, I really enjoy my portable scanner. It is somewhat like the model below (a slightly newer version of my VuPoint Magic Wand).

Now, for my scanning at home I would never pull this out. It is too low a resolution, doesn’t interface well with a computer, and has some issues recording all the way to the edge.

However, it does something my home scanner just can’t do… travel. I pop in two AA batteries, a microSD card, and I am ready to go. These models do 600dpi, and have reasonable image quality. It has wifi and an app to transfer the files, but skip it unless you absolutely have to. It is just too much of  pain. Instead just pop out the card and throw it in a phone or tablet with microSD support.

To top it off, it is $45-$100 (depending on accessories). If it gets dropped, stolen, or just dies on me, I can replace it.

Now, why would I want one? I like being able to provide a good digital copy to my customers. After all, badges get lost, or damaged. With luck the badge I made for them is special enough they would miss it in that case, and at least they would have the digital one. It also allows me to keep a copy of my work (so I can post for all of you regularly). And best of all I could actually reprint it. The techniques I use to make prints can turn out something really close, if someone actually needed it.


Commissions from #IndyFurCon2015 #art

So, Magic was my last commission of the convention. He supposedly had plenty of full-character badges, but no busts. Well, I am certainly able to remedy that! His character sheet mentioned his hobby was writing, so I felt the need to incorporate it.

Getting the blue right took a bit of work. I ended up using two shades of blue, and working up the rest with 8 shades of grey. I suppose he will have to write about the other 42 shades (I hear there is big money in books about grey)

This piece was done using Copic markers on Strathmore Bristol 500 vellum paper.


Commissions from #IndyFurCon2015 #art

This commission was for Leandro. He asked for his character as a toddler. He is a Manticore Pirate King. The Manticore part was easy, but the Pirate King aspect was a bit harder. I had originally suggested a sword, probably a wooden one, but he was not really into the suggestion (given we are talking about a toddler). I thought about a tricorn hat, but that would obscure his horns. So instead I went with a onesie and plenty of gold to convey his successful pirate life!

This piece was done with Copic markers on Strathmore Bristol 500 vellum paper.


Commissions from IFC2015 #art

So, ever now and then, someone comes up to you and and says “If you only had X I would buy it!” Well, when your favorite drinking lion comes up and says it, how can you resist?

So, inspired, I whipped this up, and I think it turned out pretty good. It was decided he would look best as a badge, so a badge he became. He will likely inspire a bit more complicated piece down the road.

So everyone say hello to the rather dapper Eonadari after a long night of keeping the dance going!



Commissions from IFC2015 #art

First! (Had to do it)

I was really honored by this commission! Leon’s parents wanted someone to make him his very first art badge for his very first convention. Considering he is only 9 months old, I imagine his collection over the years will be impressive, but I hope this badge will have a special place in his heart.

His fursona is a white tiger/ fox hybrid. His mane hasn’t grown in at this point, but there are hints of things to come in this piece. The pose is from an adorable picture provided by his parents. Hopefully someday down the line I can do another for him.

The final badge is done in Copic markers on Strathmore Bristol 500 vellum. The background takes a special technique I picked up from a Copic class I took a while ago. I will have to go into it a bit more in a different post someday.

leon badge reprint