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Working on commissions

Sorry no post today but all the arts I currently have finished are commissions and I make it a rule that no one else sees it before they do. But all people who ordered commissions at Mcfc will have them by the end of the month if not sooner. Thank you for your patience.

Sneak peak pronoun badges @the_joshiah @roosles @FurSquared

I promised everyone a new badge style earlier this week and while they aren’t done done I have some sketches. I’m only going to take a small number of these commissions for pick up at F2 so DM me if you want one at $35. These will be full color badges and they clip onto your standard 3″ across con badge blank. I tested them on F2’s, Mcfc’s, Anthrohio’s, Anthrocon’s, and MFF’s

So hopefully you enjoy the rough sketches. I should be posting full color versions on Monday and I plan to attach them to a con badge to show You how that works out.

As you can see there is room for 3 pronouns and so long as they aren’t swear words I will put whatever three you want.

I can black them for an extra $5. If you want them shipped it’ll be $5.