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Get your @Anthrocon commissions

I am taking commissions to be picked up at Anthrocon. If you purchase before June 21st 2019 I will offer you a discount rate.

$35 for single character badges w name or item (food/drink/comically large teddy bear)

$55 for single character w item, copic marker, wall art 5×7 matted to 8×10.

$100 for single character w item, copic marker, wall art 8×10 matted to 11×14 additional characters are $5 each.

(additional costs may be added if I feel they are complex or will be very hard)

To commission me plz msg me on twitter @QQH_designs or email me at .

A limited number of commissions will be taken so get them now before spots run out. I will be taking commission at Anthrocon but nothing will be done on site.

There is a chance that your piece will be selected for a time lapse video unless you request not to have that as an option.

Thank you super much. Lots of love.

Quack Quack Honk Designs

We had a great time @MotorCityFurCon

We had a blast this weekend. It was great to see y’all and we had a lot of fun. Many hugs were give and gotten. We raised money for Charity!

Everyone always treats me so well at FurCons and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you.

Hopefully you had as much fun as we did and remember to drive safe.

Love ya. Y’all are awesome.