Getting his drink on

someone online was mentioning drunk badges and I got a hankrin to doodle up a drunk skunk. It’s a rough but fun little sketch. 

I like using the strathmore sketch books. This paper is from the 400 series with a fine tooth surface. For those not buying reems of paper the tooth determines how much pencil the paper will hold. 

Get on your groove thing #art #furaffinity 

Spend all your furtime getting your groove on at the dance? Need a busy badge that really shows you love music? Get your groove thing on with a stylish music badge. Just e-mail me 

This is just a quick sketch. I prefer to do full color badges because they really pop. Hope to hear from you soon. Still taking commissions for @furrealitycon 

Pieces of pieces #art #death

sometimes the time consuming part of the art isn’t the subject. That’s definitely the case of the piece I’ve spent a good portion of thursday on.

As you can see the piles of skulls and bones have a depth that comes from two main color families with accompanying color palates. Each base color has two depth colors to add highlights and shadows and make each item pop. 

Copic markers are made for this and really blend well with each addition. 

Quacking in trio 

these three ducks are quacking in harmony on this swinging log. 

I drew this one on the to @indyfurcon but I just now got a chance to color it in. 

I hope you enjoy their music. 

This is done in copic marker and I had a lot of challenges with the Orange and green bleeding. Luckily it seems to work.