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LGBTQAI Jelly fish

These LGBTQAI Jelly Fish are chillin with some gin Fizzes.

Made from Bristol vellum w Copic markers. I’m looking forward to doing more of these for June. I make a new set every yr. This will be my third yr doing them. Should I do all jelly fish or should I change up the sea life?

Two for tasty drinks

Are you more a beer person or a margarita person? Do you enjoy a twist of lime or would you prefer to crack open a cold one in the backyard?

Why choose? Why not both? beer-rita o’clock.

Cats and dogs living together, beer and liquor in the same drink, lime in everything.

This piece was a commission. Done in Copic marker on Bristol vellum paper.

Corgi’s in love

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. I just hope everyone feels how much love these two corgi’s are.

In case you need a reminder. You are a wonderful person deserving of finding the perfect person whom loves you.

This was done for my Patreon art and the original is available for sale. I hope to have prints available soon.

It’s on Bristol smooth with Copic marker.

Balanced dragons

These dragons were commissioned for a couples Christmas gift. One prefers tea and the other whiskey. The glass wear let’s them remain close while they enjoy their preferred treats.

This piece was a real challenge cause the glasses are clear but the liquids and the glass changes the color of the things inside of it.