Friday sketch dump 

What if bullfighting was bulls fighting? 

day of the dead roughs

I had some sketches and figured since they were all a bit rough I’d give you a few this Friday post. 

There isn’t anything particularly technique wise or product to talk about with these. You could do this work with a #2 pencil and some blank paper. I always carry a mechanical pencil (ok I do buy special soft lead for it), sketch paper, and an eraser with me. I’ve been known to sketch over diner, in the car, basically anywhere I go. This way, when I need to squeeze a second of work in, I can. 

I guess the lesson with random sketches say is that all my stuff starts with sketches. It’s the bones of everything I do. These may go no further than sketches. Maybe, eventually, I’ll revisit these and decide they are good or maybe just the idea was good but I wasn’t good enough yet. I’ve revisited many ideas I wasn’t good enough to draw and turned the. Into fun pieces. It’s all practice and determination. 

(I think I may be watching to much pokemon since this sounds a bit voice over moral ;))