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Behind the scenes

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth this weekend and browsed the art. As requested we will put some of the items in our web store later this week. The items we made specifically for the convention are rather limited quantities, so pick them up before the disappear.


Since we are in transit and worn out, I figured a we would give you a look behind the scenes of the office right now.


So here is the current workspace. This was taken while we were doing a live stream. The main art section of the desk has a 36″x48″ cutting mat on it. Not only does it keep the finish from getting cut, it also keeps any marker bleed from staining anything important. Currently there are two daylight spectrum lamps set up to keep shadows from obscuring the drawings, which becomes reasonably important when dealing with videos. Between the two cameras you can see the webcam mounted on a gooseneck arm hooked to the upper cabinet. There is also one down on the desk for a face cam during live streams. The light box is leaning against the wall while a badge is being cut out. The marker box is to the left. We have some mat boards attached to the wall on the right so we can easily make sure a piece fits to size properly. That’s it for now  it is constantly changing as we figure out how things fit better. So I imagine you will see more of the office in future.


Kale to the Chief Time Lapse

This is a 3.5 hour live stream we edited down into a time lapse. This one was sped up 32x, but this is still a little long. It took a ton of markers, just wait until you see the pile at the end of the show.

The art  is for some buttons we will have available at the FurSquared 2016 in the Dealer’s den. Drop by and grab one!



Ferret Time Lapse

Are you sick of kale? We know some people at FurSquared 2016 are. So here is a time lapse of a ferret you will see on some pins from us this year in the dealer’s den. Drop by and grab one!

Sloth Timelapse

A sloth detective to go along with the theme of FurSquared 2016. I did not get a chance to finish up the eye shine before I had to stop taping unfortunately. His final project is much cuter and will be for sale in the Dealer’s Den.