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Commissions from IFC2015 #art

First! (Had to do it)

I was really honored by this commission! Leon’s parents wanted someone to make him his very first art badge for his very first convention. Considering he is only 9 months old, I imagine his collection over the years will be impressive, but I hope this badge will have a special place in his heart.

His fursona is a white tiger/ fox hybrid. His mane hasn’t grown in at this point, but there are hints of things to come in this piece. The pose is from an adorable picture provided by his parents. Hopefully someday down the line I can do another for him.

The final badge is done in Copic markers on Strathmore Bristol 500 vellum. The background takes a special technique I picked up from a Copic class I took a while ago. I will have to go into it a bit more in a different post someday.

leon badge reprint

Ornament ornament on the wall. #art #xmascards

i’m prepping xmas cards for an event I’m hoping to do in November. This guy will hopefully say ornament ornament on the wall, will this be the best christmas of all? If you want unique xmas cards commission them with me. 

This piece is done with copic marker, liner, and paint. It was a challenge to keep things from bleeding over the lines. The red was specially difficult. The ribbon was done with a special technique. I use the blender pen to delude the color and lay down a light coat of pink and use the full strength of the color for the shadow. 

Xmas opossum ready for cards #art

I’m prepping for applying to an art fair in November and figured a small verity of xmas cards. This guy is a nice nutral happy holiday. Or festimas for the rest of us card. 

This is done with Copic markers, liners, and paints. You can’t see the glitter copic pen in this pic but it’s there in the snow. Kind of feel odd about using the glitter since I know the shiney comes from bits of glass. Don’t let your kids use this pen. Chewers beware. Luckily once my business manager scans it the pic will be safe for general use.