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Bust badges @furreality @2_gryphon #art

I’m taking commission badges for Fur Reality 2015. 


 Pre-order now and get a discounted rate. $30.00 for full color bust badges. 

Message me to commission a spot now. 

Now to talk a bit about the subject matter of this badge. @2_gryphon is one of the panels I try to make at the conventions I go to. He is hilarious and when I saw him at anthrocon 2015 he did a bit about the great giraffe who says Bree (btw giraffe have no vocal so the great giraffe has to be divine to speak). It did take me months to get around to it but I did eventually commit the great giraff to paper. 

Creepy vs cute @furrealitycon

i’ve been playing with sugar skulls since seeing @furrealitycon ‘s theme of Viva. A lot of them came out super creepy and I couldn’t figure out why. Then my husband bought me the art of the book of life and I figured out why. 

Other than the fact that ones in full color can you figure out why? …

It’s eyes. The secret is there has to be something representing eyes. A glow or real full eyes doesn’t matter but there has to be eyes. 

See you at fur reality 2015 in October. Visit my dealers booth. 

Visit and visit my page. Help support my art and keep it coming. 

Dealers room @furrealitycon 2015

i got space in the dealers room for fur reality con 2015 and I’m super excited. The theme this year is Viva and i’vevstarted playing with sketches. 

This three taled fox is all set for Halloween and the day of the dead. Would you give this cutie candy? 

Remember to commission a badge to be done in time for @furrealitycon . Just email me through my website and we’ll chat.