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Balanced dragons

These dragons were commissioned for a couples Christmas gift. One prefers tea and the other whiskey. The glass wear let’s them remain close while they enjoy their preferred treats.

This piece was a real challenge cause the glasses are clear but the liquids and the glass changes the color of the things inside of it.

Fall gobblers

The name may change but so far I kinda like it.

I keep making up conversations these lady gobblers are having about the guy strutting his stuff near the pumpkin. What sort of things do you think they’d talk about?

This is a 11×14” piece matted to a 16×20” total size. Done w copic inks on Bristol vellum paper.

This art was brought to you by my wonderful Patreon supporters ( MamaT, Margret, Nicoli Tiger, and Mark W. I cannot thank you enough for your support in these trying times.

Birding again in Margaritaville

These birds are enjoying their beach drinks. A Toucan, Black Palm Cocktail, Macaw Parrot, & Resplendent Quetzal are enjoying pina colada, watermelon margarita, and fruity vodka party punch.

The copic markers did a great job of blending on the extra large marker paper I used for this art. The design is 11×14” and is matted to 16×20”.

If you’re interested in a acid free, limited edition, signed print please email me at or visit my website at