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Drunkimals – Jaegermascot 

Jaegermeister sports a deer on it’s bottles so this bottle clearly can’t be Jaegermeister 😉 but that little deer just couldn’t resist a cup. 

This was made with copic marker, liner, and paint pen. Sometimes you see me type paint pen and sometimes copic paint. The difference is sometimes, if the marker isn’t dry, the color will leek through the paint pen but you can remove it with a wet finger. Copic paint has to go on with a paint brush and doesn’t come off without removing marker but the marker doesn’t seep through. 


Custom hung over saber #art

So many copic colors go into a single 2″ animal. 14 markers before I’ve even added in shadows. The liner is copic too. It only took me about 20 min to get the basic sketch onto paper but then I transferred it, colored it, and now I’m blogging it. 

When doing a commission you need to make sure you add in little personal touches. The right shades of color helps a lot. If you can add in a way they hold themselves or tilt their heads it really makes it read x person or furson.