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Drunkimals – I do declare, it’s a mint Pangolin

A Pangolin and Mint Julep. There is nothing like something mint flavored and icy on a warm day.


Done with copic markers and liners. Names are a tricky thing. If you just name  things with what’s in it you’ll start running into duplication issues. Maybe not so much with pangolin’s but how many husky’s with tennis ball do you think an artist working with furries might draw? I do declare, it’s a mint pangolin might be a tad bit long but it’s got some fun behind it. 
Available in bookmark and 5×7 print. 

Drunkimals – St. Benard

You knew there was a reason he carried around spirits in the barrel…

This is done with copic markers, liners, and opaque white paint. The copic white paint was used to highlight the chocolate shine to show it’s high gloss. I used blender pen to bring in the color of the cream and give it a fuzzy edge that looks more natural on a white product. 
Bookmarks and prints available. Look for the original at anthrocon. 

Drunkimals – Pug Keg

 This little doggie can’t wait to tap that… Keg. 

Done with copic marker, liner, and paint pen this guys collar mimics the keg he’s standing on. There weren’t a lot of questions about color with this one. The keg was a specific color, the dog is only this color. Only real color choice was collar and I could have done this pic without. In fact most of these aren’t wearing any clothing options. So why does this one? It really brings the two parts of the picture together. That and it says this pug is just crazy for this keg mmmmm. 



Drunkimals – Jaegermascot 

Jaegermeister sports a deer on it’s bottles so this bottle clearly can’t be Jaegermeister 😉 but that little deer just couldn’t resist a cup. 

This was made with copic marker, liner, and paint pen. Sometimes you see me type paint pen and sometimes copic paint. The difference is sometimes, if the marker isn’t dry, the color will leek through the paint pen but you can remove it with a wet finger. Copic paint has to go on with a paint brush and doesn’t come off without removing marker but the marker doesn’t seep through.