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Creepy vs cute @furrealitycon

i’ve been playing with sugar skulls since seeing @furrealitycon ‘s theme of Viva. A lot of them came out super creepy and I couldn’t figure out why. Then my husband bought me the art of the book of life and I figured out why. 

Other than the fact that ones in full color can you figure out why? …

It’s eyes. The secret is there has to be something representing eyes. A glow or real full eyes doesn’t matter but there has to be eyes. 

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Christmas kitty #art

This piece is pretty large for me. It’s on a 14×11″ piece of vellum paper that started out white. Each petal was colored in, individually, with 3 red color pencils and 3 cool grey pencils. I use prismacolor pencils. The flowers took me nearly a month and the the cat took me only a few hrs lol. It will be on Christmas cards this year and I look forward to knowing my art is bringing holiday cheer.

cat copy

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hear from someone how poinsettia are poisonous to kitties but I think this guys safe. 😉 don’t you.

Cause holidays

So many people ask me over and over “why do you talk about the holidays months out?” It’s simple really, if I’m on time for the holiday I’m late. No ones buying halloween stuff to be delivered within a week the day before Halloween. It’s really that simple. So, on that note. Here is a super cute grey mouse inside a very surprised Jack-o-lantern called he’s more afraid of you. 

Challenge one was figuring out how to show the segments of the Jack-o-lantern without outlining the entire thing (trust me that looked crappy)

Challenge two was I apparently don’t own a lot of shades of orange. Just 5 which sounds like a lot but isn’t. So supplement warm grey in cause Orange is a warm color (usually). That and the mouse had to be a different shade of grey. He’s cool grey. 

This was done with Copic marker and liner. 

Commissions from #IndyFurCon2015 #art

So, Magic was my last commission of the convention. He supposedly had plenty of full-character badges, but no busts. Well, I am certainly able to remedy that! His character sheet mentioned his hobby was writing, so I felt the need to incorporate it.

Getting the blue right took a bit of work. I ended up using two shades of blue, and working up the rest with 8 shades of grey. I suppose he will have to write about the other 42 shades (I hear there is big money in books about grey)

This piece was done using Copic markers on Strathmore Bristol 500 vellum paper.