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This is a Black Forest shot cake with turtles but I’m thinking I might need to change it from cherries to nuts and Carmel so it can be a turtle turtle treat.

Update: I’m just gonna hold the title turtle turtle for doing the actual turtle candy and leave this as a cake.

Swine Soufflé

This little Piggie found a tasty treat.

A lot of people have been asking about where my ideas come from. Each idea is inspired from a different series of thought but they all come from my brain and the brains of my friends.

Last weekend a few people asked if I had any pigs. I didn’t so it went on my list but then I had an idea almost right away when I was looking at pictures of desserts. Soufflé is gooey and brown and a pig can be pink and can go with a brown dessert. Piggies are frequently thought of as dirty cause they play in dirt. So…. Swine Soufflé was born.