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Internal mwahahaha or @fursquared villain 

This little guy is the perfect villain for fursquared 2016. (Which I’m totally taking commissions for). He is mwahahaing in his head but his body is totally giving him away. Notice steepled fingers and wagging tail with narrowed eyes. 

I’m currently compiling a ton of sketches to be colored on cold winter days when it’s to snowy to do anything else which is another reason to come to fur squared 2016 in February in Wisconsin. 

Happy kitty @midwestfurfest 

Really wish I could be at Midwest fur fest this year but retail means no days off in December. However, I am taking commissions.  

Order before November 7th and get free shipping with a tracking number so you can watch your badge come to you. Plus, get a high resolution scan of your badge so if you lose it or kill it you can reprint it. Comes laminated with a badge clip. 

$40 for a full color full body badge. 

$30 for a full color bust badge. 

Or if you just want an outline sketch as above $20 for a digital copy (does not qualify for print copy or shipping) 

Banana pudding

Okay, for those of you who don’t know, the dessertimals started around the same time I went low carb. That wasn’t the reason they were born but it’s been helpful to keep me on track cause I want a sweet and instead of eating one it becomes my next subject. 

Now to decide what to put with the pudding and how. What eats bananas other than monkeys?