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Kalamazoo bound 

We will be at Kalamazoo’s art on the mall Friday and Saturday. The car is packed to the brim and new products are ready to be unveiled. 

We have a few new framed items I think will go well in kitchens. 🙂 if you’d be interested in seeing these at Anthrocon I may need some preorders on it. Email or direct msg me. 

Dealers Den #MotorCityFurCon

Dealers den opens in just 15 min. My husband is manning my booth and is eager to take commissions and getting you set up with cute art. 

Check out coaster sets for just $45. Which dessertimal do you think should be on a coaster? Comment on twitter or tell Bill at my booth. 

Dealers room #MotorCityFurCon

The dealers room opens in just 15 minutes and If you’re looking fur my table I’m to the right against the wall. My husband will be manning my booth for me as I try to recover from my cold. I figured I did not want to bring the con crud this year. Hopefully I’ll recover and get to put in some time at my table before the weekends up.