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FurSquared Buttons available in the store

Did you miss your chance to get one of our Kale themed buttons from FurSquared? Well, here is your chance to pick one up for $3+Shipping and handling.

We don’t currently plan on taking them to any of the other conventions this year, so the online store will be your best option to get your hands on one.  Just click on the one you want below and it will take you directly to that page in the store.

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Site updates

Webmaster here,

So, I did some site updates.

  • I put up a preliminary copy of the new logo.
  • There is now an appearances page so you can come and buy art when the artist is out on the road.
  • I added a link to her new Patreon page to the left.
  • And I did not add a bit of color. I am a programmer, not a designer. Black and white was good enough for our ancestors, it is good enough for me. Though maybe I should think about amber text on black… that would take me back… along with some nice unicode fonts…

I hope this is an improvement.. but I guess we will see.

Have a great night everyone!