Commission at IFC2015 #art

i love the suit spike. The toon has much energy and feels that I had some issues getting it all into one badge.

This pic is not the best but it’s what I currently have available. Update: Added in the scan from my portable scanner:

Spike Badge Edit
Getting the green and black without losing the face into the arm was hard. I had to lift some color and make sure my light source was coming from the front so I could lighten the front of the face.

Ornament ornament on the wall. #art #xmascards

i’m prepping xmas cards for an event I’m hoping to do in November. This guy will hopefully say ornament ornament on the wall, will this be the best christmas of all? If you want unique xmas cards commission them with me. 

This piece is done with copic marker, liner, and paint. It was a challenge to keep things from bleeding over the lines. The red was specially difficult. The ribbon was done with a special technique. I use the blender pen to delude the color and lay down a light coat of pink and use the full strength of the color for the shadow. 

Christmas card # 2 #art

i need xmas fodder and I apparently need it yesterday so on Friday I worked on lots of art. Hopefully, you like this tiny puppy all dressed up in scarf and mittens. 

This is copic marker, liner, and paint. I think he’s a fun. Hope you like him. Originally I had a punk puppy in there but it decreased the awwww factor significantly.