It’s beginning to look a lot like…

I know, slapping hands at the ready. I realize it isn’t Halloween yet and I truly love Halloween. Favorite holiday! But I need to order things from places with my holiday art which means my holiday art has to be done. So with no further delays. This piece is named tied up with ribbon. This is for all those people who hate wrapping presents and would way prefer to hire someone else to do it. 

Holiday Penguin

In the art world you have to finish holiday pieces months before the holiday to get the products going. I’m actually a bit behind of this piece since I want to have the character on ornaments. 

Timelapse: Hopping Helpful

Enjoy my video

Hopping helpful is one of my more recent drunkimals. As my friends know I love Puns and it can be quite Punishing for them. Here are two kangaroos who are so hooping helpful with puns. After all beer Hoops Hopping har har I know soooo bad.

See you next weekend at FurRealityCon 2016