Drunkimals – A very Mary Snow Leopard

A snow leopard eagerly looking forward to his Bloody Mary. Man it is going to take him forever to get the red out of the fur around his mouth.


Done with copic markers, liners, and paint. Shades of red can be complex. Is your red pinkish or orangish? Red can be hot or warm unlike many other colors. Blue is cool, green is warm, etc. gray can be both too. In the case above the red is warm, the snow leopard is cool, and the shadows are… Warm.  Frequently people think of cool colors as cold and warm colors as hot. Orange and yellow are warm colors like the sun. Blue is cool like snow and no snow isn’t white. Take a peak at your colors see how their heat affects the piece and how the colors match or don’t. 
Available in bookmark and 5×7 print.