Turkish Cheetah #coffee #anthropomorphic  

I have a dear friend that I work with at conventions and evrrytime I see him he whips up the best Turkish coffee (okay, truth I’ve never had it anywhere else). Gabe even whips up no sugar versions for me now that I’m working hard on (I don’t want to say losing weight cause it’s not about thin and all about not dying) being healthier. 

So, I’m kind of on a coffee kick lately and I wanted to highlight the coffee that we in the ops office like so much. 

Why a cheetah? You might ask. There is usually a reason for the pairing. Cheetahs run fast (that should be a duh moment) and we drink coffee for the caffeine so we’ll hopefully reach a speed that resembles human instead of zombie. On top of that there used to be cheetahs in Turkey according to the Internet and when possible I try to put links in like that. 

Hint hint – I also happen to know there’s at least one cheetah out there that like coffee. So, bonus.