3D art @fursquared @xandertheblue @draggor2k @alkali_bismuth 

You saw my 1st 3D art earlier this week. Now you will see a second based on some very hard working con staff that you see at a lot of conventions. This is a demo piece so you can see how your piece would look. 

These three characters are in the library which looks like it might be a crime scene. Can you see whodunnit? 

Above is a side view where you can see lots of layers of foam and glue. Each bit was drawn, traced, colored, cut out (with an e-acto) , traced on foam, cut out again, then the layers, and finally everything is fixed to the back board. It’s super fun (I know I’m sick). 

You can commission these from me as soon as I figure out how much to charge. 🙂