Hi it’s 7:30pm on 2-22-19 and I’m running a panel at fur squared with @skieborne (http://www.arikla.com/), @QuotationMarkBB, & @dixielioness

@SkieBorne is an artist who works in furry and at local (to her) art shows/farmers markets while maintaining a corporate job.

@DixieLioness manager for Fox & Pepper, Mother of four, and convention staffer.

@QuotationMarksBB wife and manager to Boozy Badger, Mother of four, and convention staffer.

What do you need to be organized?

For me, having storage devices for all my supplies, is important.

you can get these cases at Michaels or Joanne’s.

These cases hold all my finished originals. They are water proof up to submersion and I keep desiccant packs in them. You can get these at the container store. I love the container store and have to restrict my trips there.

Someone asked online how I keep things at hand so I can just grab them?

I love 3M for that. I keep hooks and clips all over the walls to hold my supplies.

My art that is ready for coloring gets taped to the cabinet fronts above my desk.

I use excel sheets to record information about my limited edition prints.

Lists to track the animals/desserts/drinks people request and ideas I’ve had. We also have a list for art supplies we need to buy.

Calendars keep us on track. Everything goes into a calendar app so we can see when it’s time to apply for a show, go to the show, etc…

We’re working on starting some check lists so we don’t forget anything. Right now I’m plugging things into Habitica which is an app for gaming check lists.

Remember, if something didn’t work for you it’s not that you didn’t use it right but the item failed to work for you. I got this wisdom from Productivity Alchemy which is a great podcast by Kevin Sonney @KSonney .