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Drunkimals – Penguin and Hot Toddy

There is nothing like a nice warm beverage when you have a bit of a cold.

What color is an orange vs a lemon? The color of various citrus fruits was highly debated in the making of this picture which lead to the creation of several versions before this one was picked. This yellow is to bright, that looks like an orange, no one drinks hot Toddy’s with lime, etc… I thought about posting the fails but I didn’t apparently save them. I hope this warms the depths of a bad cold. 


Drunkimals – Desert Fox Mojito

There is something about mint and lime which just help beat the heat.

This was done with copic markers, liners, and paints. The ice was done with a technique where you use one marker to deliver another markers color which you’ve put on the tip. In this case I put some cool gray on the tip of a colorless blender. It let me apply the right color without saturating the paper or leaving a solid line where the marker left off. 


Drunkimals – Clydesdale Beer

I have never quite understood how giant horses and beer are related… but it seems to be a tradition at this point. So who am I to argue?

Done with copic marker, liner, and paint. I originally had hug written across the shirt but it didn’t really work out. The hair texture was achieved by putting dark brown market onto a medium brown copic marker tip and then I started the  brush stroke where I wanted the darker marker. As you move the marker it leaves the darker marker on the paper first. It makes for an interesting blending of colors.