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Grim baby #art

A few days ago my husband asked me for a Chibi grim reaper. Here is the work up. 
so, for some crazy reason, I decided to take the large sketch pad to work and forget my regular pencil. So alli had to draw with was a non photo blue. So this is a technique I don’t use often. 

And because it’s a crap set of picks cause… Non photo blue pencil I took a min to do a tiny bit of pen work. 

And because I’m nuts of filled in all the skeleton pile, it’s not done yet. 

Supplies cannon 11×14 sketch paper, non photo blue pencil, copic liner, and the grey Kneeded eraser. 

Cause holidays

So many people ask me over and over “why do you talk about the holidays months out?” It’s simple really, if I’m on time for the holiday I’m late. No ones buying halloween stuff to be delivered within a week the day before Halloween. It’s really that simple. So, on that note. Here is a super cute grey mouse inside a very surprised Jack-o-lantern called he’s more afraid of you. 

Challenge one was figuring out how to show the segments of the Jack-o-lantern without outlining the entire thing (trust me that looked crappy)

Challenge two was I apparently don’t own a lot of shades of orange. Just 5 which sounds like a lot but isn’t. So supplement warm grey in cause Orange is a warm color (usually). That and the mouse had to be a different shade of grey. He’s cool grey. 

This was done with Copic marker and liner. 

Ornament ornament on the wall. #art #xmascards

i’m prepping xmas cards for an event I’m hoping to do in November. This guy will hopefully say ornament ornament on the wall, will this be the best christmas of all? If you want unique xmas cards commission them with me. 

This piece is done with copic marker, liner, and paint. It was a challenge to keep things from bleeding over the lines. The red was specially difficult. The ribbon was done with a special technique. I use the blender pen to delude the color and lay down a light coat of pink and use the full strength of the color for the shadow.