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Composing a piece part 1

step 1 – figure out what character and motion you want

Sometimes the pose picks the character. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Forcing a character to do something outside it’s nature will make the piece seem wrong at times.  
Step 2 – draw the bones. 

No I don’t mean actually draw the bones. I mean put a few circles on the page. Get a feel for if. 

Step 3 – flesh it out

Start adding in details. Physical features are important as the clothing. 

Step 4 – clothing, jewelry, etc

Add in the details. Make it pretty and don’t forget the small stuff. A tiny nose stud takes church girl to young rebel. 

See tomorrow for more bunnies on ice. 

Practicing other styles #art

I mostly do cute cuddly little creatures with little extra emotions. They express themselves in their liquor or dessert of choice mostly. So @buried_in_books found a how to draw and paint animation book and I’m playing with it. Most of you know by now that I’m working on xmas gear. So here is my brute moose  

He’s just a sketch but I hope you enjoy him. I kept breaking the lead in my pencil and I was sketching in bed so now I have pencil lead in bed.