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Days been a bit scattered (dr’s and pharmacy mix ups sigh 😉 ) and the piece to post today is behind so here is some sketches. 

I like to use a soft lead in a mechanical pencil cause no sharpening is great and soft lead erases easier. These are not finished to be inked pieces and still need work. 


Working hard for #anthrocon #artshow

I’m churning out pic after pic for the upcoming anthrocon. I’ve got a few lines of cute animals you’ll start seeing posted in a few weeks. Here’s a sneak peek. They’re line Art here but eventually they’ll be all copic markers and smiles. 


Btw still have open commission spots. Quick turn around and free shipping for any commission. 

Another set of eyes. #art

My husband frequently helps me fix pieces and tells me when to move on. He also looks through my book and tells me when to revisit. While I’ve been off my day job I’ve done lots of doodles but kind of viewed them as mostly crap. He pulled out 4 pieces for me to revisit and labeled some changes for me to make. I’ve fixed one of them.
This is red panda eating ice cream.