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Works in progress

I usually have more time to sketch and develop line art for pieces than to actually get them colored. I can sketch in the car, restaurant, basically where ever I have brought my pencil & paper. I have ever sketched at night in a moving vehicle by the light of street lights and memory. Coloring them takes more supplies and a larger work surface. The above pic is finished sketches I’d like to have done before October. 

Books for creative types

I highly recommend a few books for all creatives. 

The art of asking by Amanda Palmer – this book taught me that my service is valuable and asking is hard but you should ask. Those who value your art will step up. 

Furiously happy by Jenny Lawson – this book taught me that I’m not alone in being weird and my weirdness is what makes me wonderful. It is probably what makes my art wonderful. 

You’re never weird on the internet (almost) by Felicia day – for teaching me that haters gonna hate for everyone. 

Anything by David Sedaris cause he’s funny and sometimes you need to laugh. 

Cats eat time

So I got today’s coloring project 85% done but two different cats were eating my creativity time and I lived every second if it. Yes I know that was a giant run on sentence. Thus why my writing career has paused. So, I have Monday off work. Maybe I’ll post two unless cat gravity works again.