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Charity Auction @MotorCityFurCon at 1pm

If y’all follow me on Twitter you saw the art that I have donated to @MotorCityFurCon and you can go bid on that art in 30 minutes. This space is huge so start walking now or you might miss it. Kage will be up on stage auctioning off all this awesome stuff and if you’re not there you will be unable to snatch it up cause I don’t have prints of the stuff I’ve donated. It’s all one of a kind arts.

Last day Dealers Den @MotorCityFurCon opening soon

We’ll be open in just 30 min. It’s 10:30am now and I’ve got coffee somewhere around here. I know I made that joke yesterday but trust me it is true every single day of my life. Coffee is life. How do you take your coffee? I take mine the color taupe w no sugar when I’m sticking to my diet and mocha with lots of whip cream and chocolate shaving (if available) if I’m not.

If you haven’t been here yet plz come down and see us. We have stuffs we don’t want to pack back up but we will if you don’t take it home with you because you can find us in Holland, MI at the Tulip festival May 4th and 5th. I will have arts you’ve never seen in person and I’ll be outside, in the sun, in a tent…

So we close at 5pm today and trust me when I say you do not want to wait until 4pm cause things will be gone.

Dealers Den @MotorCityFurCon closes soon

It’s Saturday and we’re about to close for the day. Just 15 minutes. Have you made it down here yet? OMG, how have you not come to dealers den yet! Don’t panic just get out your phone and get ready to set a reminder. There is one more day and tomorrow we open at 10am. So set an alarm to get you up and get down here before you miss out on all the adorable stuff.

We’ve missed you.

Dealers Den @MotorCityFurCon opening soon

It’s 9:30am and I’m up. Up for some value of up. I am sure I have a coffee here somewhere. Where did I put down my coffee? Oh, there it is. Sweet nectar of life… my precious coffee…

So dealers den opens in just 30 minutes and I’ll be ready to see y’all and you can see all the art. There is new stuff and old favorites and I’m here. Come see me and all my micro animals or is it Macro food? I mean it could be either. Only the art knows.

Dealers Den @MotorCityFurCon closes soon

Hi y’all we close in just 15 min but we will be open again tomorrow so if you didn’t get in here to see me today you can put an alarm on you phone to remind you we open at 10am tomorrow. I’ll wait for you… set it up now before you forget… okay all set up? Good. See you tomorrow.

You are awesome!!!