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I working on stickers that would use some of my more recent designs. Hopefully I’d sell Enough at a low price to make a booth at a convention seem possible.


Convention ribbons

Thinking about badge ribbons for getting the news out about qqh. So far our ideas are
– waddle like you mean it
– will art for ______
– duck duck … Goose


No original art today because today is clean all this crap up day. Which turns into all this needs to get put into bks day. Eventually those bks will be prints for cheap sales at tables at cons but for now they’re I like these and I like these better. This also meant I had to scan them and put things up on deviant art under quack_quack_honk. If you visit you could buy prints. They seem to run lots of deals.

That was a lot of babble about business. Not my most interesting topic but sometimes that happens.

Sketching all the live long day.

So I don’t much feel like sharing the sketches I did today and being that I’m the artist that means I don’t have to… Right? Well, needless to say you’ll see them soon as they’re colored. They’ll be part of a give away I’ll have to all my loyal twitter followers at Indy. Well, provided I get off my duff and get them done and printed.

Okay, so I lied and after doing some work I felt like posting after all. Not finished work.