Business cards

This whole own business thing is complex. Today I was working on business cards. With an art business you need to include a sample. Eventually I’ll have two or three cards but this is the one I did today.


First post for my first company.

Quack Quack Honk Designs has been a long time in the making but would still be a dream if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my wonderful husband and friends. Quack Quack Honk Designs is a quirky company with quirky art. It dares to be funny and cute.

The site is still under construction so bear with me while I get things going. Thank you
L. Pearson


Let’s get going!

It is a brand new day, and time to get this art party started. I’m your faithful webmaster, B. Sadly this post is sans art, as I am not the artist around here. Hopefully I can lure her out of hiding to post soon…