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A poopy donkey for @Firr

Ok, so I know I’ve taken this joke to far but at a con I was at Firr said he couldn’t find any donkey stickers. There were swears involved. So, cause Firr is awesome and does a lot for the fandom I sketched him a sticker and taped it to him. He probably thought the donkey joke was over but no. I persisted. Yesterday he was working on more stuff for a con and needed some people to stress test the system. So I got on to cast me doing some doodling. And I decided to doodle Firr as a donkey again. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. (Sorry it’s shiny. The put a wash on the background to hide some pencil marks that wouldn’t come off and it wasn’t dry when I took a pic)

Halloween Hoard

This piece is 14”w x 11”t pre matting and framing. It took like 10 hours to color and 62 markers.

This European Dragon hoards Halloween candy and enjoys eating his hoard. He might not be able to fly anymore but flying is overrated when you have such a fun sized supply or candy.

D20 badge part 2 @OGMagicDragon

Side 2 is the Natural 20 on the D20. So this dragon has on his happy face. Cause Nat 20’s are good.

I do have a special trick you get with these. They have black light in them. To see that tune in Friday for the video.

If you’re interested in one of these they are $55. To commission just DM me on twitter or email me at

D20 badge part 1 @OGMagicDragon

This is a two sided badge. This is the natural 1 on the D20. This dragon has special flames for different emotions. I really enjoy the angry face. Usually I do sad face for this but angry face is equally good for this side.

Tune in again Wednesday when I show you the other side.

If you’re interested in one of these badges they are $55. They started at a higher price but I now have a bunch of outlines I can steal from so I was able to bring down the cost.