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Swedish Snack

This giant pile of Swedish fish was more than this pelican could resist. While red is the most common color of these gummy treats, they come in a variety of colors.

This piece is done on Bristol vellum paper stratholm 500 series. 28 copic markers were used. I use this particular paper for most of my art because it absorbs more ink than marker paper and allows me to get a depth that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

Birding again in Margaritaville

These birds are enjoying their beach drinks. A Toucan, Black Palm Cocktail, Macaw Parrot, & Resplendent Quetzal are enjoying pina colada, watermelon margarita, and fruity vodka party punch.

The copic markers did a great job of blending on the extra large marker paper I used for this art. The design is 11×14” and is matted to 16×20”.

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