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Reflection @craftyfoxing

Who is this I see staring right back at me? I was just singing the Milan song in my head over and over as I drew and colored this piece.

This commission was for @craftyfoxing and it was super fun to work on. There is a story but it is theirs to tell.

This is done on Bristol smooth paper with Copic marker. To do the reflection I used the light box to so I could view the lines but not put them on the paper.

Bring out you dead

I had a great time at midwest FurFest. I think this was one of my favorite moments. I hope the plague doctors were as happy as I was in that moment.

This art is done w water color pencil for n heat pressed watercolor paper.

My father in law had mentioned how he really felt the Monty python scene this year where it’s the Black Death and the plague doctor was going around called for people to bring out their dead. I agreed with the sentiment and had to do art to mark the year.