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Progressive Pride Panda

Thank you for indulging me in my prep for LGBTQAI month. I really enjoy this panda.

They’re black and white so they sorta represent a combination of all races.

Their magical staff is both staff and emergency snack cause it’s made of bamboo.

They also make the magic gay pride flag stand out even more because they don’t compete for the spotlight.

These are the copic markers I used to color this piece.

Elephant Ears

I have been working on this art off and on for roughly a month. Sitting in my recliner drawing elephants until I had enough that I liked.

Then laying them all out on a light board to get the placement correct and putting it on one sheet. Finally coloring it once I was happy.

This piece was done w copic marker on Bristol vellum paper. It is matted to a 16×20” frame.