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Two for tasty drinks

Are you more a beer person or a margarita person? Do you enjoy a twist of lime or would you prefer to crack open a cold one in the backyard?

Why choose? Why not both? beer-rita o’clock.

Cats and dogs living together, beer and liquor in the same drink, lime in everything.

This piece was a commission. Done in Copic marker on Bristol vellum paper.

Reflection @craftyfoxing

Who is this I see staring right back at me? I was just singing the Milan song in my head over and over as I drew and colored this piece.

This commission was for @craftyfoxing and it was super fun to work on. There is a story but it is theirs to tell.

This is done on Bristol smooth paper with Copic marker. To do the reflection I used the light box to so I could view the lines but not put them on the paper.